Structure and contacts


Acting President

Sigitas Dimaitis

+370 37 400361



  • Represents the interests of Lithuanian farmers at the international level.
  • Ensures the membership of the Chamber of Agriculture in international organizations (COPA-COGECA, IDF, Council of Baltic agricultural Organisations)
  • Develops partnerships with foreign agricultural organizations.
  • Prepares and participates in various projects

Contacts: Phone: + 370 37 40 95 72, e-mail: v.lescauskaite@zur.lt




  • Provides methodological support for various rural communities and local action groups operating in Lithuania, participates in improvement of legal basis, encourage nourishment of ethnical cultural values and traditions, as well as certification of traditional crafts.
  • Participates in the process of education: helps formulate the policy of vocational training, initiates new programs and participates in their preparation, fulfils other functions of a social partner, oversees the training of specialists of agriculture and rural areas.
  • Organises both formal and informal training of farmers and rural population. The Department is responsible for the training, consulting and education of farmers, monitors the quality of the training.
  • Formulates the demand for training, monitors and oversees it.
  • Issues the Green Diplomas – special certificates that allow farmers to receive student practitioners in their farms.
  • Participates and initiates various projects, collaborates with the ministries of Education and of Agriculture, universities, collages, vocational schools and associations, that are members of the CARL.
  • Organises educational events.

Contacts: Phone: +370 37 40 03 59, e-mail: s.kisieliene@zur.lt



  • Consults on issues of economics and law
  • Issues proposals on instruments of agriculture and rural development
  • Consults on issues of co-operation and rural development
  • Prepares and participates in variuos projects, consults on establishment of cooperatives and the order of their approval.
  • Disseminates information on the benefits of cooperation and promotes the concept, collects and gather information on agricultural cooperatives operating in Lithuania, analyses and assesses the legal basis, related with cooperation, initiates amendments of legal acts.
  • Takes part in fulfilling the goals and objectives of the Chamber of Agriculture and its members
  • Issues proposals and reports on draft regulations
  • Carries out economical analysis of agriculture and rural areas, formulates prognosis for the future

Contacts: Phone: + 370 37 40 03 60, e-mail: a.zliobaite@zur.lt



  • Consults on issues of horticulture, animal husbandry, ecology and the improvement of the quality of agricultural produce.
  • Co-ordinates the activity of horticulture and animal husbandry associations, participates in preparation and approval of draft regulations, seeking for more active involvement of rural habitants in formation and implementation of rural development policy
  • Collects and spreads informative material, consults farmers on potential to establish rationally sized farmsteads, using the EU and national support, thus ensuring their constant activity and social guarantees.

Contacts: Phone: + 370 37 40 03 58, e-mail: r.baltrusiene@zur.lt



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