Members of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuanian Meat Processors Association

Lithuanian Pig Breeders Association

Lithuanian Vegetable Growers Association

Lithuanian Association of Agricultural Cooperatives "Kooperacijos kelias"

Lithuanian Forest and Land Owners Association

Lithuanian Cattle Breeders Association

Association of Less Favored Land Users

Association of Industrial Berry Growers

Lithuanian Greenhouse Association

Lithuanian Association of Animal Breeders

Ukmergė District Farmers Association

Šakiai district farmers' association

Lithuanian Family Farmers' Union

Lithuanian Commercial Gardens Association "Fruits and Berries"

Ignalina District Farmers Association

Lithuanian Association of Medium Dairy Farms

Šalčininkai district farmers' association

Lithuanian Farmers' Association

Biržai District Farmers Association

Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association

Lithuanian Association of Endangered Livestock Breeders

Skuodas district farmers' association

Lithuanian Trumpet Sports Association

Lithuanian Association of Beef Cattle Breeders and Improvers

Association of Žemaitukai horses breeders

Lithuanian Young Farmers and Youth Union

Lithuanian Seed Production Association

Alytus District Farmers Association

Kaunas Beekeepers Association

Lithuanian Association of Organic Farms

Lithuanian Society of Fur and Rabbit Breeders

Lithuanian Sheep Breeders Association

Lithuanian Association of Veterinarians

Association of Žemaitukai horses breeders

Association of Žemaitukai horses breeders

Baltic Charitable Foundation

Jonava District Farmers Association

Association of Lithuanian Credit Unions

Lithuanian Association of National Heritage Producers and Creators

Association of Cannabis Growers, Processors and Business Innovators

Winegrowers Association