Farming’s got talent! Vocational education and training for agriculture in transition

On 24th November, 2022 in Brussels (the event will be streamed online), DG Agri’s event “”Farming’s got talent”! Vocational education and training in agriculture in transition”. The event will bring together teachers, students, training providers and other actors at EU and national level to highlight the role Vocational Education and Training (VET) can play in making the agricultural sector ready for the green and digital transition.

Vocational education and training (VET) is key to developing the skills and competences that EU farmers need to succeed in a world of rapid technological change, digitisation and global sustainability challenges.

The event, which will bring together teachers, trainees, training providers and other EU and national actors to exchange inspiring practices and experiences, aims to highlight the role of VET in creating an attractive agricultural sector ready for the dual ecological and digital transition, and to identify priorities and successful approaches to developing the right skills.

The event has three main objectives:

  1. Identify the skills changes needed in the EU agricultural sector to meet the challenges posed by the double ecological and digital transition.
  2. To share successful experiences of VET for sustainable, digital and resilient farming in the EU and identify challenges and possible next steps.
  3. Examine existing instruments to support high quality VET programmes and promote cooperation and synergies in their implementation.

What skills does the agricultural sector in transition need? What are the best ways to provide vocational training and learning to make farming sustainable, digitally ready and resilient? What tools and approaches can be used to support high quality vocational training programmes? This event will seek to answer all the questions raised above and share best practices!

For more information and the event programme: Farming’s got talent! Vocational education and training for agriculture in transition (